The Sitka Black Tail Deer is found only in Alaska, and some parts of Canada’s pacific coast. These deer are absolutely beautiful reddish-brown in color and are a highly under-rated trophy deer. They are a small relative of the Mule Deer, and can be comparable to the Coues Deer in terms of size and trophy. The average weight of an adult black tail doe is around 80 lbs while the bucks can weigh anywhere from 120 to 200 lbs for a trophy Sitka black tail deer.

The best time to go hunting for Sitka blacktail deer is in November when the bucks are in rut. During the rut, both the bucks and doe’s can be called in using a sound that resembles a fawn bleat. As fall turns to winter and the snow starts to fall, the deer will move down from the high country concentrating them in the Alaska peninsulas. Sitka deer are excellent swimmers and will swim between the mainland and islands for food and shelter.