I wanted to thank you for the absolutely fantastic hunting experience you and your guys provided for us on this trip.

I have five beautiful mounts to get done and that is what I hoped for but not sure what the reality would be.

The food was great, you guys were great to hunt with and really went out of the way to help us.

Couldn’t have asked for better weather, I know you can’t fix that but it worked out beautifully.

I will absolutely push your hunting experience for future hunts with my friends.

Again, thank you for a great trip of a lifetime.

John Broussard

John Broussard 

Monstrous black and Alaskan brown bears in abundance, unmatched southern Alaskan scenery, fishing during the “offf time”, meals prepared by true culinary artists including freshly caught bounty from the sea, and lodging second to none on the most comfortable boats in southern Alaska.   That a hunt with Keegan McCarthy and his Coastal Alaskan Adventures.  Can hardly wait to hunt with Coastal Alaskan Adventures once again!

Larry Weishuhn

Owner/Co-Host “DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon”

Executive Field Editor – Game Trails

Field Editor – North American Hunter

Larry Weishuhn

Dear Keegan,
I will never forget your words, “Dang it’s a sow and a cub!” as you peered through your binoculars, and equally my husband, Jon, saying, “Look again” as he looked through his binoculars. “It’s a big bore and a sow!” My heart started beating faster, as we realized we were looking at the spectacle of two very large brown bears making love! It was the most unbelievable hunt I have ever had, and I got the brown bear of my dreams thanks to you and Coastal Alaska Adventures on Admiralty Island. He was the second brown bear I saw on the second day of hunting. What a perfect bear he was, at 8’6”, to start out my spring brown and black bear combo hunt in May 2013.
On day four it was Bill Kaltschnee’s turn to guide us on my black bear hunt. We took the skiff to the mainland and found a good one. Could I pull off another perfect shot? The bear was in a little dip devouring grass like a lawn mower. Finally after what seemed like a half hour I got the shot and kaboom! The bear collapsed on the spot. Compared to my brown bear, my black bear looked like a midget but he measured 6’4”. Again, on the second day of black bear hunting.
Outside of the hunting one of the most fun things was dropping crab and shrimp pots or dropping a line in and catching a fish. Nothing beats fresh right out-of-the water seafood prepared by chef Jason Ronimus. We were glad we found Keegan’s booth at SCI, and enjoyed his luxurious 70-foot yacht “Sikumi”.
Alaska is beautiful state and it was wonderful seeing it by boat. We passed lush, thick forests, crystal clear water, and rocky shorelines all teeming with birds and wildlife. Saw hundreds of bald eagles, who were roosting in the trees or swooping down to catch herring. We were entertained by sea otters, seals, and humpback whales.
I can only say the nicest things about Keegan McCarthy and Coastal Alaska Adventures, it was everything I had been promised and I exceeded my own expectations with two huge trophy bears. Truly an Alaskan Bear Bonanza.

Best wishes,


Bob M Archery Brown Bear 2014

The sun set on a great hunt after a long hunt when we put an amazing stalk on a 9 foot class bear. Bob drew back at 35 yards and let fly. His arrow fell just inches short of target and the bear ran away unharmed. It was a tough finish to a great hunt, but to say it, this is hunting! Bob did nothing wrong, and we look forward to hunting together again. We saw more bears than we could count and passed up 20-30 yard shots on many smaller bears.

Here’s what Bob has to say about the hunt-

“I have been lucky to hunt all kinds of animals in many different places, but the coastal brown bear has been the best. What an animal and what a place. You and your outfit made it my favorite hunt of the last 35 years, including the lion and cape buffalo. I scream out loud daily about missing that shot. With all of the hard work and determination we extended and then miss on the greatest opportunity of my hunting life is really hard to deal with. It for sure was human err and I was the human. I would give a lot to be able to replay those 3 seconds!! You have my word that I’m willing to come as soon as you can arrange the hunt. I’ll keep my arrows sharp and the calendar open hoping for a cancelation.”

Bob M

Bruce C with his 8″11″ brownie harvested on day 2 of his hunt.

“Splendid, wonderful marvelous and amazing all somewhat describe our experience of hunting with Keegan McCarthy of Coastal Alaska Adventures aboard the Sikumi in SE Alaska for coastal brown bear.

Keegan along with his wife and entire staff worked tirelessly and diligently to provide a successful, yet utterly relaxing trip for myself and my bride. Interestingly, the trip was booked a long with two other couples providing a very unique hunting experience with great camaraderie. Non only was there great hunting, the days aboard the Sikumi were utterly relaxing and accompanied by quality service. All the guides, my special thanks to Marlin, provided dedicated, tireless service, which ensured a successful hunt. My wife hunted with me most days and the experience and sights of SE Alaska have made an everlasting impression. It will be tough for her to ever let me go without her.

Thanks to Keegan, Chelsea, Marlin and all the crew for an amazing experience. Without a doubt I will return and bring my sons for a black bear hunt as well.

Gentlemen, I would highly encourage you to bring your wife or significant other along to enjoy the wonderful and exciting experience of Southeast Alaska hunting, in an environment where she can participate and go along in the hunts with you. To date this has been my wife’s most favorite trip so far.”

Bruce C

I first met Keegan when he was an assistant guide for Scott Newman while on an Alaskan Brown bear hunt back in the middle 90’s. Since then I have been on 3 separate hunting adventures with Keegen in one of my favorite places on earth, the Pacific Northwest.

When Keegan became a master guide and outfitter my brother Scott and I booked a hunt with Keegan for Spring Black Bear. All of my expectations of Keegan as an Alaskan Guide were met. Not only was he very knowledgeable of his hunting area and the numerous black bear he guided us to, but the waters of Alaska can be treacherous and although young in age his experience as a boat captain helps assure that your trip will be as safe and pleasurable as possible. Keegan, his wife Chelsea and staff soon became good friends.

I then joined Keegan on 2 separate Sitka Black tail hunts. One was an archery hunt and one was a rifle hunt. Both were for 2 separate outdoor television programs I produced. The one thing I have learned after 30 years as a wildlife producer is to do as much homework as possible in finding the best place to document and hunt a particular species.

I didn’t hesitate to give Keegan a call. There was a tremendous amount of game to pursue and I can’t even count the number of beautiful Sitka Black tails that we harvested with both bow and rifle not to mention the incredible Sea Duck hunting we experienced. And there is nothing better then after a long day of hunting to return to a full pot of Dungeness crabs to feast on back at the warm floating lodge.

What can I say besides the fact that Keegen is a very respected and reputable guide who will go to extremes to make sure you experience a hunt of a lifetime? As long as I am alive I will yearn to hunt with Keegen and Coastal Alaska Adventures. You owe it to yourself to experience this true Alaskan adventure at least once in your lifetime.

Tim Gauthier, Michigan

Tim Gauthier

Hunt of a lifetime, Keegan is a true professional, well prepared, knowledgeable, and one heck of a guide. You won’t be disappointed, can’t wait to come back someday.

Chris Darling, Northwestern Pennsylvania

Chris Darling