Dear Keegan,
I will never forget your words, “Dang it’s a sow and a cub!” as you peered through your binoculars, and equally my husband, Jon, saying, “Look again” as he looked through his binoculars. “It’s a big bore and a sow!” My heart started beating faster, as we realized we were looking at the spectacle of two very large brown bears making love! It was the most unbelievable hunt I have ever had, and I got the brown bear of my dreams thanks to you and Coastal Alaska Adventures on Admiralty Island. He was the second brown bear I saw on the second day of hunting. What a perfect bear he was, at 8’6”, to start out my spring brown and black bear combo hunt in May 2013.
On day four it was Bill Kaltschnee’s turn to guide us on my black bear hunt. We took the skiff to the mainland and found a good one. Could I pull off another perfect shot? The bear was in a little dip devouring grass like a lawn mower. Finally after what seemed like a half hour I got the shot and kaboom! The bear collapsed on the spot. Compared to my brown bear, my black bear looked like a midget but he measured 6’4”. Again, on the second day of black bear hunting.
Outside of the hunting one of the most fun things was dropping crab and shrimp pots or dropping a line in and catching a fish. Nothing beats fresh right out-of-the water seafood prepared by chef Jason Ronimus. We were glad we found Keegan’s booth at SCI, and enjoyed his luxurious 70-foot yacht “Sikumi”.
Alaska is beautiful state and it was wonderful seeing it by boat. We passed lush, thick forests, crystal clear water, and rocky shorelines all teeming with birds and wildlife. Saw hundreds of bald eagles, who were roosting in the trees or swooping down to catch herring. We were entertained by sea otters, seals, and humpback whales.
I can only say the nicest things about Keegan McCarthy and Coastal Alaska Adventures, it was everything I had been promised and I exceeded my own expectations with two huge trophy bears. Truly an Alaskan Bear Bonanza.

Best wishes,