I think it would be very easy to say that a big part of my heart lives in Alaska; its beauty and size never ceases to amaze me. I even worked there during summer break from professional school. Lets put it this way I want to be buried there.

I have had some very disappointing experiences in Alaska with a sub-standard guide but this was not true with Keegan McCarthy. I have had the pleasure of hunting for big black bears in Alaska twice with Keegan. During the first trip the weather did not cooperate with the hunt at all. This in turn made Keegan try even harder to get us a bear. I was impressed with his tenacity but yet calm demeanor.

The second trip we had the pleasure of staying on the Sikumi, which was a first class experience from the beautiful staterooms to the excellent cuisine. I was also impressed with the friendliness and class of the crew and guides. I could have tried a different outfitter but I was really impressed with Keegan and his crew and wanted to “stay with a sure thing”. Boy was I glad that I did, I got my “pumpkin head” and a set of gnarly teeth. I think that anyone would enjoy the “full Alaskan experience with Coastal Alaskan Adventures.

Please call me if you have any further questions.