Bruce C with his 8″11″ brownie harvested on day 2 of his hunt.

“Splendid, wonderful marvelous and amazing all somewhat describe our experience of hunting with Keegan McCarthy of Coastal Alaska Adventures aboard the Sikumi in SE Alaska for coastal brown bear.

Keegan along with his wife and entire staff worked tirelessly and diligently to provide a successful, yet utterly relaxing trip for myself and my bride. Interestingly, the trip was booked a long with two other couples providing a very unique hunting experience with great camaraderie. Non only was there great hunting, the days aboard the Sikumi were utterly relaxing and accompanied by quality service. All the guides, my special thanks to Marlin, provided dedicated, tireless service, which ensured a successful hunt. My wife hunted with me most days and the experience and sights of SE Alaska have made an everlasting impression. It will be tough for her to ever let me go without her.

Thanks to Keegan, Chelsea, Marlin and all the crew for an amazing experience. Without a doubt I will return and bring my sons for a black bear hunt as well.

Gentlemen, I would highly encourage you to bring your wife or significant other along to enjoy the wonderful and exciting experience of Southeast Alaska hunting, in an environment where she can participate and go along in the hunts with you. To date this has been my wife’s most favorite trip so far.”