Bob M Archery Brown Bear 2014

The sun set on a great hunt after a long hunt when we put an amazing stalk on a 9 foot class bear. Bob drew back at 35 yards and let fly. His arrow fell just inches short of target and the bear ran away unharmed. It was a tough finish to a great hunt, but to say it, this is hunting! Bob did nothing wrong, and we look forward to hunting together again. We saw more bears than we could count and passed up 20-30 yard shots on many smaller bears.

Here’s what Bob has to say about the hunt-

“I have been lucky to hunt all kinds of animals in many different places, but the coastal brown bear has been the best. What an animal and what a place. You and your outfit made it my favorite hunt of the last 35 years, including the lion and cape buffalo. I scream out loud daily about missing that shot. With all of the hard work and determination we extended and then miss on the greatest opportunity of my hunting life is really hard to deal with. It for sure was human err and I was the human. I would give a lot to be able to replay those 3 seconds!! You have my word that I’m willing to come as soon as you can arrange the hunt. I’ll keep my arrows sharp and the calendar open hoping for a cancelation.”