I wish to brag so much about you and your business. I cannot say enough good things about this hunt.

Very fun, entertaining, your staff works so very hard to get us our trophys.

When you haved 5 days to shoot 10 deer, that’s serious hunting. We got 9 and the one we did not get, Mike chose not to shoot.

He said “we have enough venison”. (He and his 2 brothers & dad had 7 deer so that’s enough. Cousin Chris shot his first deer the 2nd day with his bow. His 2nd deer he had to pass on a few because he was using his “home made” long bow and cedar arrows. The 4th day, He stuck one and it was dark so you guys had to hike up the mountain to find him the next day…..Nice 3 point too.

The opportunites were there every day. And we shot a bunch of ducks.

Your boat, (MV Sikumi) (our camp for 5 days) is very cool. It is very comfortable and when we came in from hunting and were wet and cold, this was a great camp.

The hor’ dorves was a nice bonus that you provide for us, while you and your crew are up on the deck above, skinning deer.

As you know the harlequin was my priority and I did shoot my 4. Brother Greg got a few and his kids got a few too, plus the barrows goldeneyes, and the pair of old squaw. When we get them mounted, we’ll be happy to send you pictures of them too.

This 4 point Sitka blacktail I shot, I scored at 106 2/8 SCI and when they scored it at the SCI convention, it scored at 106 4/8, even a little larger.

I am going to mount him, full body, lying down. I am out of room in my office, and I want him whole. We are doing him lying down above my book shelf, looking down a little to the left. It’ll take a year or so to do. I’ll be sure and get you pictures of him.

I could say a lot more, but better is to brag about you to anyone that wants to know. I was not real sure about this hunt, but now that I have been there,

I highly reccommend it to anyone that wants their Sitka blacktail.


Feel free to forward this email to any of your clients.

Bob J