Alaska Deer & Duck Hunting Gear List

Alaska Deer Duck Hunting Gear List

Download Our Alaska Deer & Duck Deer Hunting Gear List PDF Here

Thank you for choosing us for your Alaskan Adventure.  Here is a brief list of suggested items to bring with you.

We will be hunting in the Tongass National Forest, the largest national forest in the United States, and also the wettest.  Proper gear is crucial to making your trip as enjoyable as possible.  Some gear can be brought with you, or you can purchase most of what you will need in Juneau. Layering is very important, as we will spend a lot of time sitting in skiffs and on beaches glassing for trophies as well as hiking through brushy forest.  Expect temperatures from the high 30’s to the low 20’s, but could be colder.  With luck we will have a few feet of snow, but rain can also be heavy this time of year.

I typically wear polypro long johns top and bottom, Sitka Downpour pants and jacket, fleece sweater or jacket depending on temperature, all covered in rubber raingear.  I carry Sitka Kelvin jacket in my pack for sitting or cold weather. I wear wool socks and xtratuff brand rubber boots.  This allows me to be warm while sitting in the boat, and shed layers if needed on a hike/stalk.  I hunt exclusively in rubber boots as the forest and meadows can be very wet and boggy, as well as getting in and out of skiffs and boats is hard on leather. Some hunters choose to bring leather-hiking boots, but be prepared for them to be wet.

Alaska Deer & Duck Hunting Gear To Bring:

  • Warm layers of comfortable clothes, wool and fleece are recommended. I have started using Sitka Gear, and have found them to be great. Look at their Downpour collection. For pants I typically wear Cabelas MT050 or similar hunting pants, I recently switched to Sitka Downpour. I would bring one heavy coat for sitting in skiffs or blinds.
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  • Baseball cap and stocking cap and a facemask, neoprene or fleece is great. Ski goggles are nice if you have them for skiff rides.
  • Warm waterproof gloves and/or leather gloves. I use Gore-Tex/thinsulate hunting gloves while in the skiff and lighter gloves for hiking. Leather or similar is good as there are prickly bushes you may be moving through in the brush.
  • Comfortable shoes for relaxing on boat.
  • Xtra-tuff brand Rubber Boots-best purchased in Juneau, we have a great boot that is best on boats and slippery beaches. They run around $90. Of all the gear this is the one I recommend the most. There are no other boots that provide the traction needed on the boats and beaches as well as these do.
  • Leather boots- These are optional, but if you have room, some hunters prefer them. If we have to hike they can be nicer in the woods, but typically get very wet. They definitely provide increased stability in the woods.
  • Helly Hansen Economy or Impertech Rubber Rain Gear. Great when in skiffs or sitting in blinds. Not only keep you dry but can block wind as well. Impertech is better for hiking in than the economy series, but either is adequate. Good Sitka Gear can replace the need for rubber raingear on the deer/duck hunts. I just ordered the full set of Sitka waterfowl gear and love it.
  • Chest waders for duck hunting, not a necessity, but definitely can be used. Rubber boots usually adequate. Not needed for deer hunting.
  • Waterproof day size backpack.
  • Good binoculars with lens covers and digital camera.
  • Headlamp.
  • Personal Toiletries.
  •  Rifle- Sitka Black Tail deer are not a large deer, a big buck weighs about 120-150 on the hoof, so most calibers will be sufficient. Most Alaskans hunt with a .338 simply as we will be hunting in brown bear country. In December most bears are in the den and your guide will have a sidearm, but you can never have to much gun……
  • Your favorite 12 gauge, but if you don’t want to pack one we have available for rent. We will have shotgun shells available for purchase aboard the vessel so no need to pack heavy loads to Alaska.

Items Available for Purchase or Rent Aboard the Vessel-

Beer/Wine- We will stock an assortment of beer, which will be available for purchase. Beer is $3.00 per bottle, and we will keep a tab running for the duration of the hunt. Wine is by request, please let us know 14 days prior to your hunt if you would like to have wine during your trip. We will purchase and have aboard the vessel and will bill accordingly. You are welcome to bring your own beer and wine as well, but consider the weight requirements for the float plane ride.

At this time we cannot supply hard alcohol or spirits, but you are welcome to bring you own along.

Shot Gun Shells- We will have a few options for shotgun shells. I prefer 3 inch BBB or Number 2. Shells will be available at current market price. I do not mark them up, but expect prices slightly higher than home as we have to ship them to Alaska. The average price is $20 per box. We only sell shells by the box, and do not offer refunds on boxes or unused shells. We will keep a tab of boxes used and bill you once at the end of the hunt.

Rifles/Shotguns- We will have a variety of firearms aboard the vessel available for rent. Fees are $25 per day of use. This fee includes ammunition for rifles, shot gun shells will be charged separate. Please let us know in advance if you plan to rent a rifle or shotgun to insure we have enough on board.

Gifts/Accessories- We also have a variety of other merchandise available aboard the vessel including hats, shirts, raincoats and fleeces. They make a great gift or take on home for yourself!

We accept credit cards, checks or cash aboard the vessel.