Now is your time to experience the world class black bear hunting from certified Master Guide Keegan McCarthy. Download our free PDF hunting guide.

Guided Yacht Based Trophy Black Bear Hunts

Now is your time to experience the world-class Alaska black bear hunting standards that no other hunting outfitter can match. Our close-knit staff of fully licensed professional guides set the standard for knowledge, skill, effort and experience to help you bag your next trophy black bear. You don’t want to miss the World’s best trophy black bear hunting location… Southeast Alaska.

Watch Larry Weishuhn’s Recent Black Bear Hunt!

“Monstrous black and Alaskan brown bears in abundance, unmatched southern Alaskan scenery, fishing during the “off time”, meals prepared by true culinary artists including freshly caught bounty from the sea, and lodging second to none on the most comfortable boats in southern Alaska. That a hunt with Keegan McCarthy and his Coastal Alaskan Adventures. Can hardly wait to hunt with Coastal Alaskan Adventures once again!”

Larry Weishuhn
DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon

About Our Alaska Black Bear Hunts

Our typical hunting style consists of cruising shorelines in our comfortable, top of the line skiffs and glassing for black bears.

Our archery black bear hunts are some of our favorite types of hunts and gives archers the ability to take black bears at around 30 yards. This intimate experience–stalking your way up to your Pope & Young trophy black bear, with the ocean and mountain backgrounds–will leave you breathless.

Spring Black Bear Hunts

Alaska Spring Black Bear Hunts
Our spring hunts are all fair chase, spot and stalk beach hunts.  We will be spending the nights on our luxury 70′ expedition yacht and spend days cruising in comfortable 16 foot skiffs looking for bears in various bays and fjords.  Not only is this an effective way to hunt, it provides for a beautiful, unforgettable hunting experience.

Our spring hunts are highly successful: we have been 80% for the last five years with all of our clients going home with excellent trophies.  In the last few seasons we have had a 19 ½ skull average with multiple bears reaching 21 inches. We take on average 2 to 3 large cinnamon phase bears per spring, with one reaching the elusive 8 foot mark in spring 2006.

Most of our bears are taken within 200 yards of where we put the boat on the beach. Clients of any physical condition can be successful. Our shots range from 30 yards for archery to 150 yards for rifle.  We gladlyt welcome archery hunters and if you are proficient with a bow you should have no problem going home with a P&Y class bear. In the last 5 years all of our archery hunters have had a shot opportunity. We have also had great success with handgun and black powder hunters.

Fall Black Bear Hunts

Alaska Spring Black Bear Hunts

Both our spring and fall hunts are very successful. Spring can be successful for hunters of any ability, while fall hunters will need to be in reasonable physical condition. We have been harvesting trophy black bears for many years in SE Alaska.

Black bear season opens September 1st, two weeks before the brown bear season. This allows us to be out on the streams in search of large black bears long before it’s time to chase the browns. We hunt separate areas for black bears in the fall than the brown bears. We have areas that have high density of black bears who will be frequenting the streams in search of salmon. This is an exciting interactive hunt and can be physically demanding.

Luxury Accommodations Onboard The MV Sikumi

Alaska Black Bear Hunting

For hunters who want the ultimate hunting experience, the MV Sikumi boasts a 5 star chef with personalized meals and ocean view staterooms. Read more about the accommodations aboard the MV Sikumi here.

Alaska Black Bear Accommodations

  • Four Private Staterooms with in suite bath and shower
  • Full guide service
  • 5 star chef aboard vessel
  • Wine and Beer
  • Trophy Prep
Alaska Black Bear Hunting Gallery
Coastal Alaska Black Bear Hunting Reviews
  • My wife says I’m spoiled, and maybe she is right. Every time I have hunted in Alaska I’ve had the pleasure of hunting with Keegan McCarthy. This year was my second time bear hunting with Keegan and it was another great trip.
    When you plan the trip of a lifetime and a trip to Alaska is certainly that, you need to feel at ease. Hunting with Keegan and his staff they have your safety and your enjoyment in capable hands. No matter what situations that come up they are more than qualified to handle the challenges of Alaska. I can’t stress how comfortable you feel about your safety in a boat and how qualified they are. I’m not a swimmer and have a fear of the water, but never have I felt more comfortable around water.

    That all being said. The trip is the hunt and the accommodations are a bonus.
    We had the pleasure of being on the Sikumi this year a first class boat with everything to make your stay very comfortable.
    The hunt was an unbelievable experience for me and my friends. Hunting monster black bears in Alaska has been my lifelong dream. I killed a great bear on May 5th 2012 with Keegan. What a fantastic hunting experience. Keegan made my lifelong dream come true. Not only did I kill a great bear, but so did my buddy and the other hunters too.
    I’m coming back in the spring of 2014 to hunt black bear with my son.
    If you want to hear more about my trip of a lifetime and how much I truly enjoyed my time in S. E. Alaska with Keegan McCarthy and my buddies feel free to contact me for a reference.
    My name is Gene Gautreau and I’m from Loveland Colorado. My number is 970-685-0920

    Gene Gautreau
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7 Day First Class Coastal Black Bear Hunt aboard MV Sikumi

Alaska’s Premier Destination for Black Bear Includes:

  • Full guide service
  • 5 star chef aboard vessel
  • Wine and Beer
  • Trophy Prep


  • Starting at $7,500

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